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  Two astronauts face a not-so-merry Christmas after being told to ration their food and hope a cargo ship with extra supplies docks on Dec. 21. Russian cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov and American Leroy Chiao have been asked to cut out calories equal to three cans of Coke from their daily diet—around 10 percent of their daily __1__ and an amount that would be little noticed, NASA said.

  Russian officials, quoted in the local media, have __2__ blamed the previous crew for overeating during their one-month mission earlier this year, leaving a __3__ of meat and milk and a surplus of juice and confectionery .

  The Dec. 24 launch of the next Progress is now __4__ for the crew, stationed in orbit since October. It is due to __5__ with the ISS on Dec. 21.

  NASA officials said their situation was not so different from being cut off on Earth, and their lives were not at risk. If they do not receive __6__supplies, the astronauts would have to __7__ the station and return to Earth on the Soyuz capsule that is docked there.

  Russia has been the sole lifeline to the ISS for almost two years when the United States grounded its __8__ fleet after the fatal Columbia accident. Russia has often __9__ of its financial struggle to keep the ISS fully serviced single-handedly. Shuttle flights could __10__in May, officials have said, but in the meantime Russia will continue to launch all manned and cargo ships.

  A) deficit B) complaine C) severely D) allowance

  E) considerately F) shuttle G) evacuate H) absently

  I) adequate  J) dock K) resume L) vital

  M) trivial N) evaluate O) fresh


  1. D 空格前为形容词daily,空格后为连词and和an amount,分析句子结构可知,此处应填入一个名词。原文提到,俄罗斯和美国宇航员被要求减少摄取饮食中的热量,被减少的热量相当于三杯可乐的热量,大约减少了他们日常的10%,显然破折号前面的daily diet和此处的daily 表达相同的含义,结合选项可知daily allowance最合适,意为“每日供给量”。

  2. C 空格前为have,空格后为blamed,判断此处应该填一个副词。选项中可以修饰blame的只有severely “严厉地”。

  3. A 空格前为不定冠词a,判断此处应该填一个名词。分析句子结构可知,a of meat and milk和a surplus of juice and confectionery为并列结构,故此处应填一个和surplus相对或者相近的名词,结合选项,此处可填入 deficit,意为“不足”。

  4. L 空格前出现了系动词is,空格后为for the crew,此处要表达下一阶段的12月24日的发射对自从10月份就驻扎在太空轨道中的宇航员们来说是…,结合选项中给出的形容词,只有vital合适,意为“重要的”。

  5. J 空格前为不定式符号to,后为介词with,分析此处应填入动词原形,且与with构成搭配。根据上下文语境:在12月21日,它将和国际空间站…,动词选项中只有dock符合文意,dock with为固定结构,意为“与 对接”。

  6. O 空格前为动词,空格后为名词,分析此处应填一个形容词,来修饰空格后的名词。此处指出,如果他们没有收到供给,宇航员就不得不返回地球,结合选项中的形容词,此处填入fresh符合句意,fresh supplies意为 “新鲜供应”,也指“新增补给”。

  7. G 空格前为have to,空格后为the station,分析此处应填一个动词原形。此处语境为:但如果他们没有收到新鲜的供给,宇航员就不得不…空间站并返回到位于地球的联盟号宇宙飞船中。回到地球,肯定就要“离开”空间 站,选项中只有表示“离开,撤离”。

  8. F 空格前为形容词性物主代词its(指美国的),空后为名词fleet,显然its fleet要表达的是“美国的 舰队”。此处语境为:自哥伦比亚号失事后,美国停飞了它的……,而这两年的时间里俄罗斯一直是国际空间站的唯一的生命线。此处显然要填表示“飞机;飞船” 的单词,shuttle fleet意为“航天飞机”,为固定搭配,符合句意。

  9. B 空格前有助动词has,空格后为介词of,判断空处应填一个动词的过去分词,且可与of搭配。此处要表达:俄罗斯经常…它独自维持国际空间站运营的财政困难,结合选项,俄罗斯显然是在“抱怨”,complain of...意 为“抱怨……”,符合句意。

  10. K空格前为情态动词could,空格后为in May,判断此处应填一个不及物动词。此句意为“官员说道,航天飞机会在五月…,但同时,俄罗斯会继续发射载人和载物飞船。”结合选项只有resume符合文意,意为“重新开始 (飞行)”。


  According to a paper to be published in Psychological Science this has an interesting psychological effect. A group of researchers, led by Eugene Caruso of the University of Chicago, found that people judge the distance of events 1 , depending on whether they are in the past or future. The paper calls this the "Temporal Doppler Effect". In physics, the Doppler Effect describes the way that waves change frequency depending on whether their 2 is travelling towards or away from you. Mr. Caruso argues that something similar happens with people’s perception of time. Because future events are associated with diminishing distance, while those in the past are thought of as 3 , something happening in one month feels psychologically 4 than something that happened a month ago.

  This idea was tested in a series of experiments. In one, researchers asked 323 5 and divided them into two groups. A week before Valentine’s day, members of the first were asked how they planned to celebrate it. A week after February 14th the second group reported how they had celebrated it. Both groups also had to describe how near the day felt on a 6 of one to seven. Those describing forthcoming plans-were more likely to report it as feeling "a short time from now", while those who had already 7 it tended to cluster at the "a long time from now" end of the scale. To account for the risk that recalling actual events requires different cognitive functions than imagining ones that have not yet happened, they also asked participants to 8 the distance of hypothetical events a month in the past or future. The asymmetry (不对称) remained.

  Mr. Caruso speculates that his research has 9 for psychological well-being. He suspects that people who do not show this bias-those who feel the past as being closer-might be more 10 to rumination( 沉思)or depression ,because they are more likely to dwell on past events.

  A) advancing B) apparently C)available D)closer

  E)differently F)evaluate G)experienced H)implications

  I)prospect J)rate K)receding L)scale

  M)source N)subject O)volunteers


  1.E) 空格所在宾语从句主谓宾完整,推测应填入副词。后文提到“依据它们是已经历过的还是没发生的而有所不同”,因此differently“不同地”为答案。备选副词中apparently“显然地”与句意不符,故排除。

  2.M) 空格位于人称代词所有格后,应填入名词作主语。根据后半句“向你走来还是远离你”可知,此处单词应与波形的运动方式或发出点有关,因此source“来源”符合句意,故为答案。备选名词中implications“暗示”、prospect“前景”、scale“等级”和volunteers“志愿者” 与句意不符,故均排除。

  3.K) 空格在介词as之后,推测应填入动词-ing形式或名词。空格所在句为原因状语从句,并有连接词while表示两种情况的对比,主句的大意是“一个月后要发生的事情在心理上感觉比一个月前发生过的事情距离更近”。空格处单词描述的是those in past,因此应与“距离远”的意思相关。因此receding“(距离上)逐渐远离”为答案。备选-ing形式动词中,advancing意为“前进”,与文意不符,故排除。

  4.D) 空格位于than前,可知应填入形容词比较级。前文说到,未来的事情与距离消失相关,过去的事情往往倾向于远离,即未来的事情我们会感觉近些,过去的事情我们感觉远些。closer“更近的”符合文意,故为答案。备选形容词中,只有一个比较级,亦可直接选出答案。

  5.O) 空格位于数字323之后,故应填入复数可数名词。结合句意“研究者邀请了323名____,并把他们分成两组。”可知,volunteers“志愿者”与文意相符,故为答案。在备选名词中,另一个复数形式的名词implications“暗示”与文意不符,故排除;备选词subject也可看作是名词“受试者”,但不是复数形式,故排除。

  6.L) 空格在不定冠词a与介词of之间,应填入名词。结合句意 “两组都被要求按一至七的描述他们对情人节感觉的距离”可知,on a scale of“按……的等级”与文意相符,故L为答案。备选名词中prospect“前景”和implications“暗示”均不符合句意,故排除。

  7.G) 空格与前面的主动词had构成定语从句的谓语,推测应填入过去分词。前文提到那些描述未来计划的人感觉时间短,后文应表达的是那些描述已经过去事件者的感觉,因此experienced“经历”符合句意,故为答案。其他备选动词形式不符,可直接排除。

  8.J) 空格在动词不定式to后,应填入动词原形。前文提到了研究人员要求志愿者们给未来和已经发生事情的远近感觉评1~7的等级,因此这里的意思应是他们还要求参与者为想象中未来和过去事情的远近感觉评等级,故rate“评级”为答案。备选动词中evaluate“评价”意思相近,但不如rate表意准确,故排除。

  9.H) 空格位于动词has后,且后接for,应填入能与for搭配的名词,因此implications“暗示”为答案。

  10. N) 空格位于谓语might be后,且前面有more修饰,后接不定式to,推测应填入能与to搭配的形容词原形。结合句意 “他怀疑那些没有这种偏向性的人们,……可能更常——多思或沮丧的侵扰”。be subject to“受……支配,常遭受”符合文意.故N为答案。备选形容词中available不与to搭配,故排除。







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